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Get two mailings per printed page! In this “short and sweet” format, each half-sheet has room for a brief message and two member cards.

For example, you can print a letter and cards for “John & Jane Doe” on one half of the page, plus a letter and cards for “Ed & Edna Johnson” on the other half.

Each half-sheet mailing fits in a standard 6” x 9” envelope.

  • Standard cards are printed on 65# cover stock with protective laminate on each side.
  • Laser-printed in black ink with variable information on front and back.
  • Choose from standard or recycled papers.
  • Consider adding color for eye-catching results:

Highlight Color: For no additional charge, add a splash of Red, Blue, Green or Violet. Use color highlights to draw attention to important information or enhance readability. Logos and signatures can also be reproduced and highlighted with color.

Pre-Printed Stock: Pre-print on your favorite stock with process or custom-mixed colors to match your company colors. Ideal for colorful cards designed with heavy ink saturation, photos or logos.

» Need barcodes? We can help you incorporate personalized information through barcoding—ideal for Medicare programs and points-based loyalty programs in Retail, Travel and Hospitality applications.

Choose from a variety of formats to accommodate additional family members, pharmacy cards, or to economize on paper and mailing costs.